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M2Start Magento B2B extensions are compatible with Magento versions 2.2.x and 2.3.x. These modules add B2B customer registration, roles, groups, divisions, sub-accounts, cart approvals and credit limit functions to your online store.

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B2B Extension

B2B Customer

M2Start Magento B2B Customer extension adds B2B customer functionality to your eCommerce. With this extension, you can easily create, approve, reject and manage your B2B customers.


Create a business customer account

This extension adds a business client section to Magento standard sign-up form where users can sign-up for a business customer account. Collect valuable data about your business customer users like first and last name, personal identification code, company name, address, registry number and tax/VAT number. This extension is compatible with M2Start ID Login extension (link).

Manage business customer account data

Business customers can manage their data in standard Magento account management in front-end. Merchant can manage business customer accounts in admin under business customer section.

Approve business customer accounts

Business accounts can be approved automatically or manually. Each business customer account is assigned an attribute to indicate whether the account is approved or not. If the account is not authorised, then the user can't log in, and an error message is displayed notifying the customer that their account is waiting for approval by the merchant.

B2B Accounts

M2Start Magento B2B Accounts extension adds divisions, customer groups, sub-accounts and roles functionalities to your eCommerce, in addition to all B2B Customer features. These additional features help your B2B customers to manage their accounts with ease.



Divisions by nature are standard Magento customer accounts that are assigned an attribute to indicate they are business customers. Division accounts are business customer accounts child or sub-accounts. Only business customer accounts can create division accounts. Business customers can log into division accounts under divisions list in Magento front-end.


A group is a unit, which is created by a business customer account and consists of one or more division accounts and it's sub-accounts. Business customer accounts and group-admins can edit groups. When creating or editing groups, a user can choose divisions and sub-accounts that belong to the group. If a division sub-account is assigned to a group, then the sub-accounts relation with division is removed, and sub-account will be related to the group. If a sub-account creator is another division, then the sub-account gets a default user role. Roles can be edited in sub-account management and applies in the group account scope. If a sub-account is removed from the group, then sub-account relation with the group will be removed, and sub-account will be related to a division account or business customer account that removed the sub-account from the group. Sub-account role remains the same as it was in the group account scope.


Sub-accounts have limited access to business customer accounts or division accounts. With one sub-account, you can access many business customer accounts or division accounts. Sub-account permissions are assigned with the role. Sub-accounts can log in only with username and password using the business customer login form.

Manage sub-accounts

Adding, editing and deleting sub-accounts can be done by the business customers, divisions or sub-accounts with specific permissions in Magento back-end. Business customer accounts can log into sub-accounts from Magento back-end.

Relations with multiple divisions

Business customer accounts and division accounts can give accesses to other sub-accounts. Sub-accounts can be created with an e-mail address. If an account with that e-mail address already exists, then a notification will be displayed to add a relation for that account. If a sub-account is related to another division account, then the account status will be pending. Accounts with pending status are not visible or manageable. Sub-accounts with pending status can't access related division accounts. When a sub-account owner logs in, they will be notified about users request to connect with other divisions. Sub-account owner can then either confirm or decline account status. Confirmed status gives division sub-account management permissions and sub-account gets access to a division. If sub-account belongs under several division accounts, then the user can change divisions under business customer menu.


The role determines sub-accounts permissions. By default, there are two roles always available: default user (least amount of privileges) and admin (most amount of rights). Business customer account and division account can assign roles.

Role management

Roles can be added, edited and deleted in Magento back-end. Default users can manage their account data and see their order history. Admins can do all activities and view specific division orders or their orders. Group admins have limited permissions that include editing groups, managing accounts that belong to the same group as group admin and only see chosen division orders.


Order detail view has an additional business customer information section where division name, e-mail, sub-account name and e-mail are displayed which were used during the order creation.

B2B Quote

M2Start Magento B2B Quote extension lets your B2B customers choose who can approve their carts and when approval is needed. Also, completed orders have a new action: order again.


Send orders to approval

If the shopping cart sum exceeds the assigned limit, then a notification will be displayed in checkout to notify the user that their cart must be confirmed before purchase. The approving role will receive an e-mail stating there's a new shopping cart that needs approval.


Account management will have two new menu items: cart approvals and approved carts. Shopping carts that need authorisation are displayed under cart approvals. Depending on the role settings, a group admin sees all of their group users shopping carts or divisions carts. Admin users see all chosen division carts or carts that are assigned to them. Business customer accounts see all shopping carts.

Approve carts

Approve action directs the user to a modified checkout where shopping cart will be formalised to order. User can only determine the billing address and continue with payment. If the user leaves the checkout or adds new products to cart, then the approval process breaks and users previous active shopping cart is recovered.

Edit carts

Edit action changed the modified shopping cart, and the user can change product quantities or remove products from the shopping cart. If the user leaves the checkout or adds new products to cart, then the approval process breaks and users previous active shopping cart is recovered. Shopping cart changes are not saved to the cart that was sent for approval. Instead, all edit actions are made on its copy. Cancel action removes shopping cart from the list.

Approved carts

All completed orders are displayed under an approved carts menu. Group admins see all accepted carts by their group users or divisions depending on role settings. Admin users see all authorised carts by chosen division or shopping carts that are approved by admins themselves depending on the role settings. Business customer accounts see all accepted shopping carts.

Order again

Order again action redirects the user to modify checkout where the order is repeated. User can only determine the billing address and continue with payment. If the user leaves the checkout or adds new products to cart, then the approval process breaks and users previous active shopping cart is recovered.

B2B Credit limit

M2Start Magento B2B Credit limit extension, lets you add and manage B2B customers credit limits.

The credit limit can be informative or functional. Informative credit limit doesn't have any restrictions or accounting, just an informative attribute in customers account. When a customer account has a free credit limit, then credit limit can't be assigned manually and instead is calculated when submitting order. When customers credit limit has been left empty, then no credit limit calculations are made for the customer, and they see all payment methods. Credit limits are always assigned to business customer accounts by merchants. If the credit limit is 0, then all users related to a business customer account can only order with prepayment. If the free credit limit is less than the order sum, then the customer can only order in advance. Only business customer accounts have a credit limit.

B2B Customer
Version 1.0.2 10.6.2019
  • Changed namespace to M2S
Version 1.0.1 01.11.2019
  • Initial release with custom logging
Version 1.0.0 31.01.2019
  • Initial release
B2B Account
Version 1.1.1 18.09.2019
  • Changed namespace to M2S
Version 1.0.0 31.01.2019
  • Initial release
B2B Quote
Version 1.0.1 18.09.2019
  • Changed namespace to M2S
Version 1.0.0 31.01.2019
  • Initial release
B2B CreditLimit
Version 1.0.1 18.09.2019
  • Changed namespace to M2S
Version 1.0.0 31.01.2019
  • Initial release
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